Befriending the Throms  

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Primary Myli`din is concerned with our inability to reach Tulwun station and wants me to meet with a throm ambassador named Urg Drom, at the entrance to the cave in south-eastern Haoaera. In north-east Mok Rent there is a path that will take me up to the Haoaera.

Urg Drom is located in a cave at the far south side of Haoaera, at 1575, 173, -171 . The easiest way to get there from Mok Rent is to go up and through the tunnel to Haoaera, then left to the fishers, in toward the throm cages, then left and circle clockwise past the archivists and on up that path to the cave.

Hail Urg Drom

Urg Drom says to you, "We know you. It was you that stole our beads, slaughtered us, and attempted to poison us. We are not so daft or dumb as you may believe. Your attempt to poison was clumsy. What did you hope for, us to drink the water while the clams shriveled and died in its embrace?"

You say to Urg, "Clearly we misjudged your intelligence."

Urg Says, "A mistake we don't often allow others. But enough of the past, we have harmed you as well. Let us talk of the future."

You say to Urg Drom, "Agreed."

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