A Favor for the Valkyries  

Idona of the Valkyries ( -197, 38, -637 ) asks you to retrieve some treasures stolen from them by the Frosthorns. You can retrieve the items within the Jagged Plains.

  • Scepter: Item update by a Frosthorn stormcaller
  • Diadem: Item update by a Frosthorn vindicator
  • Tiara: Item update by a Frosthorn shadowgore or a Frosthorn nightgore
  • Idol: Found around 120, 27, -531 (you will have to be very close to see it)
  • Urn: Found around -25.77, 21.43, -423.82 (click to pick up)

After finding all of the items, Idona thanks you and agrees to the alliance with the pioneers. She sends you back to talk with Thyr Stormhammer in the Bitterwind Pioneer Encampment. The reward is experience, achievement experience, +5,000 faction with The Order of the Blade, and at least 2g, 20s, 65c.

This opens up the quest Frozen Family Ties.

Peace with the Valkyries Everfrost
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Frozen Family Ties
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