Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring  

February 22, 2011

Speak to Marpa Coldbrow at -22, 1, -47 inside Tower of Frozen Shadow (x2 version) to begin this quest.

I spoke with a disgruntled coldain bookkeeper named Marpa Coldbrow, who is part of a raiding party ascending the Tower of Frozen Shadow. She recognized me, and had heard about my role in repelling the Rime attack against the Storm Gorge. Marpa requested my assistance. She believes there could be remnants of Tserrina's past life here in the Tower of Frozen Shadow library, and that these items would be instrumental in defeating Tserrina.

  1. The bookkeeper has asked me to seek out and recover remnants of Tserrina's past life, which are needed to break Tserrina's curse. These are found the 2nd floor, in the south eastern room.
  2. Return to objects to Marpa
  3. Speak to Dain Ulrinn Frostreaver the VII inside Icewell Keep in Thurgadin, City of the Coldain to complete the quest.

I have recovered several artifacts related to Tserrina before she was transformed, and I returned these items to Marpa Coldbrow. She sent me to speak to Dain Ulrinn Frostreaver the VII, who rewarded me for my assistance with the Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring!

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