Return of the Forgotten Goddess  

The final quest to return Anashti Sul to Norrath! If you are grouped with others on the same quest steps, each action should update all appropriate group members.

Head towards the Isle of Mara and zone into The Mystic Lake. From there, head to The Forsaken City located at -263.97, -40.44, 48.86 . Be aware, this is underwater, so you will need to have some form of underwater breathing item to get there. When you're inside the city, head to the Plunderer Base Camp and click the bookcase located at 51.51, -50.83, -26.52 .

Now you have the book, head to the Loping Plains to start killing mobs. You need vampires and ghouls, 12 of each.

The ghouls can be found around -353.74, 30.75, 209.66 and a bit further on at -99.32, 49.59, 142.45 . There are also a large amount of ghouls around -23.32, 48.86, -197.67 .

For vampires, go into Castle Mistmoore and kill the ones at the entrance. These can be a bit tough solo if you're only 70, so consider taking a bit of help. At 80, it's pretty easy. Once you have all 12 updates, head back to Sinking Sands and go to The Silent City backdoor. It's found at -945.53, -228.76, -1047.90 . The instance you want is called "The Empowered Fountain of Life". Select that and zone in.

Once inside, head towards what looks like a moonstone pool in the center of the zone. You can see it from zone-in, and if you really need the loc, it's -0.21, -13.40, -100.88 . Right-click it to perform the rite. Hail the Avatar of the Forgotten to update your quest. She will give you a decanter of blessed Fyr'Un water that you must administer to followers of Rodcet Nife outside Qeynos.

Of course, this means you have to go back to Antonica. Target the follower, use the vessel, then talk to the follower afterwards for the update. The followers can be found in the following locations:

  1. Gerehmie Lasherig: 375.67, -12.26, 812.25 (near the lighthouse/docks, third person)
  2. Jeizin Faelurn: 139.18, -17.17, 202.86 (around the merchants between the two Qeynos gates, fourth person)
  3. Murgen Stillwhil: -506.63, -14.26, 154.04 (just east of the middle qeynos tower, first person)
  4. Curlose Mulerin: -742.32, -16.25, 241.98 (behind Sayer's Outfitters, fifth person)
  5. Liyah Relltis: -499.48, -0.96, 560.24 (near the claymore, second person)

small orb
small orb
Now you've turned those five people, head to North Qeynos. The heroic guards are 55, so just use the gate and be careful of epics. Head to 473.33, -20.92, -218.69 and talk to Plumetor Dul'Sadma. Once done, head into the Temple of Life and use the portal to get into the heart of it. Inside, click the small orb at -6.28, -4.21, 5.66 . Doing so will cause 3 "defenders of Nife" to spawn. These are ^^, level 75 and heroic, non-aggro but they still attack you immediately. Make sure you take help for this part.

Killing these will update the quest. Return to Plumetor Dul'Sadma outside and talk to her. The quest will update again and she will enter the temple with her undead. Now, return to the Sinking Sands and hail her there. That's it! The quest line is finished and you have your nice, new Cloak of the Forgotten to show for it.

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