Gold Coldain Insignia Ring  

Speak to Malidain Glacierbane at -805, -334, -24 inside a cave on the Daggerflow Glacier in Great Divide to begin this quest.

  1. Scribe the Coldain Hunting Blanket Recipe that Malidain gave you. (requires Artisan level 2)
  2. Find the items to make a coldain blanket. All of the mobs are found at Dragon's Head Drifts in Eastern Wastes ( -359, -375, 3025 ) . These are uncommon drops appearing in small chests.
    • Kodiak Pelts - sootpaw direbears around -363, -381, 3127 or frostpaw direbears around -972, -325, 3144 .
    • Cougar Skins - a snowmane sabertooth or a ravaging snowmane around -366, -368, 2921 . For mobs linked in an encounter you can only get a single update.
  3. Craft the Coldain Hunting Blanket. You'll need the 4 pelts you looted plus 1 Glowing Filament. Make the combine on a Sewing Table.
    • It is a level 2 Artisan recipe but you may want to be at least Artisan level 15 or higher before attempting it. If you fail this combine you will need to go get the pelts again.
  4. Return to the Ring War Battlefield and leave the blanket at the frozen dwarf stone where you found the copper ring ( 275, -336, -446 )
  5. Return to Malidain to complete the quest

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