The Same Wavelength  

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attuning rod
Min Coin: 15g
Max Coin: 15g
Void Shard

Mission Info
Group Miragul Upper
Level 60 to 80
Expires in 2 days
Void Shard
Shadow Odyssey Faction Missions
Miragul Upper

I was given a set of attuning rods to take with me into the Eternal Prism. I should look for items within the Phylactery that have a strong magical aura, and examine them to attune the rods to their type of magic. Once all the rods have been attuned, I should return to Camp Wyndalsyd in Everfrost.

  1. I should attune these rods to the different types of magic I find within the Scion of Ice and kill five errant magics.
    • I should look for the essence of destructive magic (Disruption) in the southern bedroom, south wing.
    • I should attune one of the rods to the magic used to overbear opponents (Subjugation) in The Frozen Menagerie.
    • I should look for the essence of empowering magic (Ministration) in the second room of the northern wing, on the way to The Frozen Menagerie.
    • I should look for any essence of aiding magic (Ordination) at -141,14,92 in the first room of the southern wing.

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