A Strange Bird  

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This quest is part 2 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Swashbuckler-only Epic Weapon, Charm's Way.

  1. Go to the Sinking Sands to speak to Captain Shoreflow at -2161, -228, 16 . Turns out it's not his bird.
  2. Then go to the Mystic Lake off of the Isle of Mara and talk to Captain Mord at 42, -36, 277 . He doesn't want the bird either.
  3. Next visit Greater Faydark and talk to Captain Z'Sxhitar at -536, -27, -641 at the Shores of Growth near the Nursery. It's not his bird either.
  4. Finally go to the Enchanted Lands docks and talk to Captain Screewoggins 39, 4, 116 . Turns out he's the rightful owner of the parrot, and will complete the quest. But you do get to keep your new pet.

Rrarwrk Swashbuckler Epic Weapon
Quest Series
Screewoggins Stranded
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