Battle on the Home Front  


Malachi has a war band and wants an assignment so he can do some killing. He sends you to speak with Issik Dethyr 86.94, -4.37, 12.54 to see if any assignments are available.

Issik insults your and Malachi's intelligence and say it will be a loooong time before he has any assignments for Malachi.

Return to Malachi and he gets angry.

For revenge, he wants your to smash all of Issik's furniture.

The Furni'cide takes place at loc -21.36, 0.27, 50.96 You need to smash a weaponrack, a desk, and a chair.

Return to Malachi for a little coin and experience.

This opens up the quest "What Happens in the Scale Yard Stays..."

Battle on the Home Front Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Barbarian
Scale Yard
What Happens in the Scale Yard Stays...
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