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CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c

This quest is a subquest given by Captain Stonnacky once you have started Coin for the Captain.

Captain Stonnacky asks you pass along instructions to three of his crew members.

They Are:

Bimini Bowchaser: Found at 669, 22, 566 He needs to be told to "Flemish down the boat falls an' be sure all the lines are coiled correctly".

Mizzen Staysail: Found at 716, 24, 614 . He needs to be told to "Knock off the bright work an' clamp down the deck".

Tally Topgallant: Found at 604, 59, 606 , who must be told to "Lash up an' stow 'afore you batten down the hatches"

Return to Captain Stonnacky for your reward. Now you can finish Coin for the Captain.

Coin for the Captain Butcherblock Mountains
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