Earning Rank  

  • This quest is given to level 60 characters who are at maximum Court of Truth faction. It results in the suffix "Paragon of Truth".

  • Faizal asks you to kill 15 Blades Guards and 15 Coin Guards.
  • When your done you return to Faizal and he instructs you to win the debate.
  • You find this instanced zone outside the Court of Truth by the name of The Court of Truth: The Debate. This is entered by the sewer on the side of the Court of Truth. (if you're facing the front doors outside, it's on the LEFT side of the building, it looks like a sewer)
  • You zone in and hail Notary Maajid, he'll explain everything to you.
  • When you tell him your ready to begin, you hail Consul Suhail.
  • You choose your debate verbiage and at the end, if you've persuaded at least 3 of the 5 judges, you win the debate.
  • Zone out.
  • Return to Faizal in the Court of Truth, he bestows the suffix title upon you "Paragon of Truth".

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