A Strong Sunscreen is Good Prevention  

You must be at least level 24 to receive this quest.

Imtel K'Myth wants you to help the armorers.

  1. Travel to Nektulos Forest to hunt:
    • Sap Urchins (0/4)
    • Lost Dragoons (0/8), found around -763, 2, -430 in Nektulos Forest.
  2. Take the pectin and cartilage to Tibulus D'Zaren at the Forge of the Blue Flame
  3. Take the first Canister of ameliorate balm to Kirak N'Tan at the Seloxia Stronghold 39.91, 3.68, 286.15
  4. Take the second Canister of ameliorate balm to Imtel K'Myth in Cristanos Plaza for your reward.

Quest Series
Christanos Plaza

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