Demonstration of Loyalty  

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  1. Travel to Nektulos Forest and look for the drop point Nyran described!
  2. drop box
    drop box
    Find a chest at -968, 0.5, -572 , right click it and break the lock. Right click the chest again and loot it. You will be ambushed by 4 81-heroic ebon hand ambushers as soon as you break the lock. They come in 3 waves of 4, followed by a ^^ named. The last ^^ named is a bit of an undercon, it has a knock back that punts pretty far. You can run off the bridge before the agro you and pull from a distance. Each wave will wander close to the bridge and not auto agro.
  3. Return to Nyran Dudez.

Mysterious Mark The Ruins of Guk
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