Close the Door Behind You  

Level100 (Scales)
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Note: The infiltration quests require you to enter parts of Qeynos that have many high level guards. You can reach these parts of the city via The Down Below, but be observant of wandering guards in the area.

Begin this quest by speaking to Gol M'Tun at -30, -15, -56 in Antonica.

Gol wants you to stop the head summoner in Qeynos from summoning war minions and sends you to prove your dedication to Freeport by carrying out this task.

  1. Dispatch the summoner in The Summoning Chamber behind The Concordium Tower in Qeynos Capitol District, South Qeynos. ( 756, -20, 104 )
  2. Slay the Portal Beast that made it through.
  3. Return to Gol M'Tun in Antonica.

Freeport Betrayal and Citizenship
Quest Series
Infiltrating Qeynos

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