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First you need to read the component list. Double-click the fluttery piece of paper on the table. Now you need to kill creatures as follows:

  1. A creature that is arcane in nature: Kill a spark of energy around 2108.20, -124.07, 3432.04 in the Arcane Flats.
  2. A creature that is elemental in nature: Kill an Underfoot hardstomper around 1982.39, -94.10, 3638.10 .
  3. A creature that is unnatural: Kill any creature in The Ruins of Old Paineel around 1785.50, -103.06, 3477.34 .

Once done, return to Ishaq Al'Nair for your reward. You will now have 3 quests you can do, so pick them up all at once.

Knowledge Through Experimentation The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The City of Paineel
A Pinch of Necromancy
A Little Bit of Arcana
A Touch of the Elements
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