Believe in Me  

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Humble Altar of Bertoxxulous
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Hrath Everstill, the Prophet of Bertoxxulous, has asked me to prove my faith by acquiring a book and a body.

  1. Speak to Eralok Riz`Rok at 2476, 34, 1348 in the Timorous Maw.
  2. Speak with Parser Talakla Dih`dl on the main entrance platform at 2608, 119, 1170 .
  3. Speak with Parser Voldik Myli`sok in The Shadowed Seminary, at 2702, 107, 1188
    • I recommend lying to him... and be sure to ask him about that corpse you need, too!
    • He tells you to get the book in the research center.
      • The book is on the table by the window in The Grand Athenaeum at 2669, 67, 1361 .
  4. Find Prime Parser Tolok Ku`ele on the top level near the Academy of Warfare, at 2566, 161, 1324 . He sends you to meet a parser disciple of his under the docks at 2407, 4, 1379 to get a recent cadaver "of an executed criminal".
  5. When you arrive under the docks and hail the student, he attacks you! Seems that when the Parser spoke of swift justice for criminals in Gorowyn, he was referring to you! Kill the disciple.
  6. Waste not, want not... take the disciple's corpse to Hrath, with the book, to complete this quest.

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