Acquiring the Second Fragment  

Grants AA
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Required Mobs:
a void crystal fragment

This quest is initiated by talking to An'dil Siriion at Butcherblock Mountains docks once you have completed Making it Manifest.

An'dil wants you to travel to The Acadechism, a heroic instance accessed from the roof of Crushbone Keep, to find Nirothil V'Sek, a Teir'Dal who may have another Void fragment. Kill Nirothil for your update, and then talk to Rooleean Felodaan at -394, 15, 184 in Greater Faydark to complete the quest, and open up the next quest in the line, A Champion of the Koada'dal.

Making it Manifest Goddess, Orb, and Void
Quest Series
A Champion of the Koada'dal
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