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Book of the Dead
Book of the Dead
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This quest is given by Custodian Zaddar Sullissia (-73, +106) in the Graveyard after you complete The Book of the Dead quest.

Zaddar will begin going through the warding ritual with you and then after failing, he realizes that all of the knight's tombs must not be close. So you must now go back to the tombs and examine the plaques as you did the first time around:

  • Tomb of Sir Breel (-15, +80)
  • Tomb of Sir Arlin (-16, +92)
  • Tomb of Sir Xantille (-59, +39)
  • Tomb of Sir Haligan (-76, +19)
  • Tomb of Sir Penan (-40, +17)
  • Tomb of Sir Ollin (-57, -21)
  • Tomb of Sir Ackmin (-39, -40)

At one of these the door will be clickable. Click it and remove the wedge, closing the door and sealing it. Return to Zaddar for your reward.

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