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Humble Altar of Quellious
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Game Update #55
February 16,2010
From the GU 55 patch notes: Pacificator Merrek and the Great Galabo no longer require you to meditate as long as before. Quest dialog has been altered to reflect Merrek's relocation.

This is the first in the Quellious deity quest series.

To start the series speak with Pacificator Merrek at the Highlands and accept Quellious as your deity.

(1) You must sit near Merrek and meditate about 1 minute and then speak to him again.

(2) He tells you to seek out another of his students, The Great Galabo at -237, 161, 383 and help comfort him by speaking with him.

(3) Allow Galabo to regain his composure for a bit, then hail him again.

(4) He will now tell you his tale. You must then sit with him a while longer until he is fully at peace. (The book will remain above Galabo's head until you've sat with him long enough, then, the quest will auto-update.)

(5) Return to Pacificator Merrek and inform him of this.

(6) Merreck then tells you to calm a yarpsnarl yapper at -225, 147, 385 near the rock on which The Great Galabo is meditating so he may have more peace. (Right click on the animal and choose the option to feed him.) This completes the quest.

Your reward is a Humble Altar of Quellious to place in your home.

You may now return to Merrek to begin the next quest in the series, Peace of Mind, Peace of Body.

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Peace of Mind, Peace of Body
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