A Sleeping Stone: Sight of the First  

This quest is a sub-quest of part 1 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon.

  1. Go to Permafrost (the entrance is at 102, -3, -1141 in Everfrost and go to the Lady Vox's grand hall. Be sure not to aggro her if she is up. Stay to the outside of the room and take the left (west) corridor and travel to the Statue Room. In the central room, you will find the tablet you seek in a corner at 171, 3, -395 .
  2. Go to Butcherblock Mountains and see Grunnin Copperfist in West Fort Irontoe at -252, 211, -80 .
  3. He needs 10 pieces of pyrorock dust. These are uncommon updates from Tier 8 ore nodes.
  4. Return to Grunnin Copperfist and have the tablet repaired.
  5. Inspect the tablet, which requires knowledge of the Halasian language.
  6. Go to Shard of Fear. You're going to need a group.
  7. Go to Greater Faydark, to the pond at the foot of Tunare's Sapling.
    • Target yourself (F1) and move into the water until you can use the eye. A progress bar will appear to show the cleansing process.

You can now complete A Sleeping Stone

A Sleeping Stone Mystic Epic Weapon
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A Sleeping Stone
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