Liberating the Cavaliers  

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crow coin
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This is the first quest in the line known as "Swords of Destiny".

It begins by talking to Sir Groktog in Commonlands 317, -46, 238 He is standing under a tree next to a bridge near the Ruins of Val'Marr. Sir Groktog explains that 3 of the Statues of Marr in the Commonlands have been infused with evil spirits and must be cleansed. Each location will spawn a level 60^ mob when you near it. The locations are:

  1. 175, -45, 254 : A statue laying on it's back a short distance NE of the quest starter.
  2. 2.78, -50.17 ,-727 : A statue standing at the base of Lucan's Mount. The mob is a phantasm of Odox
  3. -584.41, -49.23, -615.48 Where the trail ends near the statues near Freeport Griffin Tower - Avatar of Valor spawn point. (This statue will spawn 3 level 60^ spirits when you approach)

Once you have defeated the spirits at all 3 locations, return to Sir Groktog to receive your reward, "a crow coin" and +10,000 faction with The Order of Marr. This opens up the next quest in the line, "A Crusade to Faydwer"

Swords of Destiny
Quest Series
A Crusade to Faydwer
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