Acts of Heresy  

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Min Coin: 66s, 19c
Max Coin: 73s, 32c

This quest is the bridge between The Disciples of Innoruuk and The Ebon Mask in the Neriak City Tasks Quest Series, but is not actually a city task that gives faction or status points. You will receive this quest from Eruvin T`Kix when next you speak to him after reaching level 40.

Eruvin gives you an item (an effigy of Mithaniel Marr) for you to hide in a crate somewhere in the Hall of the Ebon Mask. He tells you this item will be "found" later by Inquisitors of the guild and will "prove" The Ebon Mask are heretics. He warns you not to be seen, and not to get caught.

the crate
the crate

Plant the item of heresy (not an inventory item) in a crate on the second floor of the Hall of the Ebon Mask at -483,44,94 by right-clicking on the crate.

Of course you were seen and Divimar G`Zule would like to speak to you. Lucky for you, some quick thinking and bold words get you out of your predicament and Divimar offers you some work.

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