I Know Nothing! Nothing!  

Grants AA
CategoryEnchanted Lands
Completed Quest: Stolen Jum Jum
Not Complete Quest: I Know Nothing! Nothing!
Does Not Have Quest: I Know Nothing! Nothing!
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Choice Of:
Medium's Cloak of the Mist
Stalker's Cloak of the Mist
Defender's Cloak of the Mist
Healer's Cloak of the Mist

This quest is given by Deputy Kegie in The Enchanted Lands at -207.41, 0.40, -353.70 after you complete the "Stolen Jum Jum" quest. You must kill the following mobs in the Enchanted Lands:

Stolen Jum Jum Enchanted Lands
Quest Series
A Deputy's Dog
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