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  1. Two of the three are fairly easy to find but do roam a bit. The third patrol seems to have been eaten. You seem to need to get the first two for the third to update.
    1. 1510.92, -39.99, 3710.73 (Petrified Badlands Patrol. Take the Temporal Guide to the Eye of Dartain and run. He's a wanderer). If you have hover or glide, watch the map while flying to the Eye and you may be able to jump down on top of him!
    2. 945.94, -51.74, 3465.52 (near the druid ring in Toxxulia Forest. Best to run from The Lowland Basin)
    3. 320.16, 224.76, 3710.27 (Keejan's Rill... there is no patrol. The quest just updates here)
  2. Return to Masih Najjar to complete the quest.

Enhancing the Patrols The Sundered Frontier
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Stonebrunt Encampment
Replacing the Missing Patrol
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