Curious Ore  

CategoryTimorous Deep
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curious ore
Min Coin: 1s
Max Coin: 1s, 12c
Reinforced Miners Sack
Choice Of:
Windcaller's Boots
Marshall's Boots
Spiritualist's Boots
Evoker's Slippers
Bodyguard's Sandals
Vicar's Boots
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Tykor Gi`lok wants to know about the ore the Haoaerans have been mining. Find the ore along the ridge to the southwest (it's a rock node you'll harvest with the mining skill); you'll have to take out some miners to get your samples.

  1. Get three samples.
    • The ore can be found in the area around -6, 16, 180
  2. Return to Tykor.
Poaching the Poachers Timorous Deep
Quest Series
Chrykori Beach
Report to the Primary
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