Justice for JoJo  

Grants SP
Started Bya mysterious scrap of leather
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Required Mobs:
Related Items:
Huge tiger claws
Toxxulia running root
Mystical Left Claws of Jojo
Mystical Right Claws of Jojo

a mysterious scrap of leather
a mysterious scrap of leather
You start it by clicking on a leather scrap at 1318.83, -42.34, 2469.79 in The Tiger Pit. It is very small and hard to see. Examine the mysterious scrap of leather to start the quest.

  1. Ask Pitmaster Shar'rik about the scrap.
  2. Ask Cincia Gelt ( 1314.46, 17.35, 2294.25 ) about the leather scrap.
    • She tells you to burn the erudite scalp in the eternal campfire at the center of The Village of Kerra.
  3. Throw the scalp into the fire (Click on the fire at 1322.20, 45.13, 2135.19 ) to spawn the next NPC, Telloc Thaar, a ghost! WoooOOOoooOOO!
  4. Kill all the tigers on the northwest side of the island to get Coltang (82^^ Heroic) to spawn. He is a massive tiger. Kill him.
    • You do NOT have to be the one to kill him, nor even be in the group that did. Just walk up and click on his corpse, regardless of loot rights, for the update.
  5. Return to Telloc Thaar. If he is not there, click the fire to resummon him.
  6. You then have to go kill 12 Toxxulia prowlers (81v-82v) for their magically-embued dorsal barbs.
  7. Return to Telloc Thaar. If he is not there, click the fire to resummon him.
  8. Click on the fire at his feet and choose "Throw the prowler barbs in".
  9. Speak to Telloc Thaar again.
    • He wants a steel claw effigy made.
  10. Go to The Hua Mein Village enclave and speak to Loran Tico'Ma ( -376, 247, 2984 ) . He sends you to harvest eight roots.
    • The roots are randomly placed around Toxxulia's Reach ( 299, 126, 2667 or 183, 129, 2816 and are pretty easy to find). To harvest those roots you have to have two players and harvest at the same time. If both have the quest both get the update, but other group membes do not. The good news is you can do this with someone that does not have the quest or has already done it.
  11. Return to Telloc Thaar. If he is not there, click the fire to resummon him.
  12. Once you speak with the ghost he will summons a Heroic mob named Jojo which attacks him. After he is re-dead, it will become aggro and attack you.. After you have killed it the quest is finished. Jojo's level will adjust depending on the number of players in the group, from 80^^^ to 85^^^ or so.

When I did the final step I had to do the dialog three times once grouped with people without the quest, it did nothing, then solo the mob popped correctly and after I FD'd I grouped again, restarted the dialog and this time i could do it correctly.

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