Shredmistress Ikaika  

  1. Not as easy as it looks. Head to 6.02, 250.67, -131.85 . Be aware that the Shadowed Man-kobold pairs are Heroic!
  2. Shredmistress Ikaika is teamed up with a shadowed man called Shereem the Handler. She is 89^, the handler is 89. Both are Heroic and both are worth AA.
  3. When they're both dead, return to Muntasir at The Deepwater Pavilion to complete the quest.

Recommend you root her, turn and kill Shereem, then handle her. She should stay rooted long enough as Shereem is not that hard. Once he is dead, just keep her controlled while you burn her dow, but if she gets loose or makes you back up you are gonna get adds. Any adds will kill you, though, as they are all Heroic.

Eight-Legged Monstrosities! The Stonebrunt Highlands
Quest Series
The Deepwater Pavillion
Strange Bedfellows
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