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deposit of Pi'ter Sahlt
Min Coin: 17g, 22s, 36c
Max Coin: 18g, 25s, 39c
Faction Changes:

deposit of Pi'ter Sahlt
deposit of Pi'ter Sahlt
Tinkerist Glazid needs me to mine some "Pi'ter Sahlt" for him in Camp Kromdek.

  1. Mine 8 deposits of Pi'ter Sahlt
    • These are special harvest nodes with "deposit of Pi'ter Sahlt" above them. The locations were always up against large rocks, and always well out of the way of mobs. They also appear to have static locations and each rock yields 2 updates,so you only need 4 rocks.
    • Known locations are:
      • -802,-289,-1685
      • -857,-312,-1684
      • -977,-301,-1892
      • -1172,-306,-2007
      • -1185, -326, -1819
      • -1335,-326,-2011
  2. Return to Glazid

Fens of Nathsar
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Drogan Exile Camp
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