Investigating the Rebels  

CategoryKunzar Jungle
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a Jinisk sentry log
Min Coin: 8g, 11s, 18c
Max Coin: 9g, 12s, 19c
Faction Changes:

Captain Venk wishes me to investigate the activity of what he believes to be a sarnak rebel force near the Lake of Dismay north of Jinisk, through the pass. I should return to him with evidence of their presence and activities.

What you're looking for is a Jinisk sentry backpack (harvestable) next to a Jinisk sentry remains. There are several Jinisk sentry remains in the area, but only one will have the backpack. It might move around among them randomly.

Known locations of the Jinisk sentry remains:

  • 724,67,-520
  • 716,68,-447
  • 772,68,-499

After you get update you need to kill 3 renegades in the area for their uniforms. Note that this will cost you 300 faction with Ry'zilk's Renegades.

Safe for Business Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
The City of Jinisk
Weaken Their Perimeter
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