Disruption for Distraction  

This quest is initiated by reading the Note to Tayil that is given to you after you complete the 'Preventative Maintenance' quest. You must report to Coercer Zlith who is standing next to Assassin Vamir.

You must then head to the mines (head north over steps and then hug right hand wall) and slay 3 Tunarian Miners there, as well as mine two of the Glimmering Ore that is laying around there.

After this return to Coercer Zlith. He will then send you out to kill 2 Tunarian Horse Sentries. They are also found to the north. After doing this return to Zlith who will give you Sealed Orders from Tayil. Read the orders to start the next quest in the series.

Preventative Maintenance Isle of Refuge
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The Final Assault
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