Destroy the Qeynosian Shield Generators  

Level100 (Scales)
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This is the final quest of Qeynos Betrayal.

WARNING: At the end of this quest you will become an Exile!

Speak to Towser Flizgibbert in the Elddar Grove, Qeynos Province District, to begin this quest.

  1. As soon as you accept the quest you are zoned into a special instanced version of the Concordium Tower called "The Qeynos Mage Tower". You will appear just inside the entrance flanked by two other revolutionaries.
  2. Confronting you at the entrance is Augurer Vharlan. He spawns as a no-arrow solo encounter that is equivalent to your level. He is an enchanter-style caster and likes utilize a variety of stuns.
    • When Augerer Vharlan is defeated he will drop a chest containing 3 colored eggs. Loot them.
  3. You will notice that the teleporters in the tower are not functioning. The eggs work in tandem as a sort of key to repower the teleporters. In the room you will find 3 tables with colored eggs already on them. You must place the eggs that dropped from Augerer Vharlan on these tables in proper order to activate the different teleporters.
    • Place the blue egg on the green egg table and the red egg on the orange egg table to activate the YELLOW teleporter.
    • Place the yellow egg on the green egg table and the red egg on the purple egg table to activate the BLUE teleporter.
    • Place the yellow egg on the orange egg table and the blue egg on the purple egg table to activate the RED teleporter.
  4. As you activate each teleporter, enter them to be transported to the different areas of the building.
    • Each area is populated with concordium novitates that will attack on sight. They will be random caster-types and range from one level below you to equal level.
    • You can invis or sneak past them if you have that capability. Otherwise, fight through them.
  5. The shield generators are sparkly glass balls in iron stands. Right-click the shield generator to destroy it then head back to the lobby to activate the next teleporter and move on to the next section.
  6. Once all three shield generators in the blue, red and yellow levels have been destroyed, return to the lobby one final time.
  7. You are greeted in the lobby by the sight of your two revolutionary pals laying on the ground, having been beaten senseless by an entourage of Qeynos city guards lead by Augurer Galain.
  8. Approach the crew of angry Qeynosians to be told by Augurer that your life is now forfeit.
  9. You will next wake up in the city of Haven, now an Exile. Speak to Scout Elrohir to complete this quest.

Now that you are an Exile, you are free to raise your faction with the city of your choosing.

ZAM would like to thank Stugein for some of the information in this article.

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