A Small Testament  

This quest starts in Greater Faydark by talking to Rooleean Felodaan once you have completed "The Hidden Crystal". Rooleean wants to destroy the void crystals, but he does not know how. He sends you to Lesser Faydark to visit Grand Master Lu Sun, at 782.11, 111.55, -278.19 . He tells you that there are three things you must do before you can complete the ritual. You must:

Collect 10 Gloom Mushroom specimens from Kaladim. These are clicky mushrooms in a room with many Mushroom type mobs toward the back of the zone -75, 26, -377 .

Collect a piece of bark from the Great Tree in Lesser Faydark. -238.04, -57.74, -381.45

Talk to Arloona Delyssa (Also at the Great Tree, -242, -57, -384 to see if she will release the Orb. After talking to her, she gives you a Weakened Orb of Tunare.

After completing these three tasks, return to Grand Master Lu Sun in Lesser Faydark. He gives you a scroll of ancient scripture with which the incantations can be completed, and sends you back to Rooleean in Greater Faydark.

He asks you for the components, completing the quest and opening up the next one in the line, "A Predestined Fate".

The Hidden Crystal Goddess, Orb, and Void
Quest Series
A Predestined Fate
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