History of the Barbarians, Part I  

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This quest is initiated by reading the book The History of Barbarians, purchased from either Indis Surion at the Tower of Three in South Qeynos or Navarius Orvalis at the Academy of Arcane Science in North Freeport. To complete it you will need to read the book after visiting the places required. Any race can begin this quest, though the places you need to visit may be dangerous depending on your level and alignment.

  1. Visit Crater Pond at 100,-25,497 in Antonica. Read the book again.
  2. Visit the Collapsed Everfrost Tunnel at -93,-0.68,-89 in Blackburrow. Read the book again.
  3. Visit the Keep of the Gnollslayers at -2132, -46, 402 in Antonica.

After reading the book upon completing the third step, this quest will close. Examine the book again and choose to Read Story 2 to open the next quest.

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