A Frontierslady's Task  

Related Zone:
Min Coin: 1s, 59c
Max Coin: 1s, 77c
Choice Of:
Signet of Amber Sight
Band of Amber Sight
Emblem of Amber Sight
Crest of Amber Sight

This quest is given by Dancer at the Claymore Monument ( -469, -1, +540 ).

Dancer will send you to speak to Sighard Sayer in Antonica ( -720, -11, +239 ). Then return to Dancer.

Dancer will then ask you to place the arrow in to a green training dummy in the Archer's Woods ( -731.87, -3.53, +629.54 ). You do this by examining it.

Then return to Dancer for a new ring. This also opens the Battle with the Timberclaws quest.

Quest Series
Qeynos Hill
Battle with the Timberclaws
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