Intelligence Gathering  

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darjeeling tea leaf
Min Coin: 3g, 23s, 29c
Max Coin: 3g, 53s, 62c
Faction Changes:

This is one of several repeatable faction raising quests given by Muyassar Zuhur in the Court of Truth.

You must first head to The Tower of the Moon and inspect a stack of books on top of a shelf with scrolls on the third floor ( 5.48, 27.94, 13.43 ) or on a stack of books on a table on the second floor ( -2.06, 13.89, -1.12 ) .

After this speak with Copier Fuazi near the entrance of Maj'Dul at ( -205, 160, -80 ) . He will send you out to find 10 Darjeeling Leaves. These can be harvested from shrubs in The Sinking Sands. Bring them to Copier Fuazi and then return to Zuhur for your reward.

Quest Series
Court of Truth

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