Escape the City  

Level100 (Scales)
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Welcome to Haven

WARNING: THIS STEP IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN IN NERIAK BETRAYAL! You will become an exile at the end of this quest.

You will be attacked periodically by assassins as you make your way out of Neriak.

Head back to the Magister. He tells you to get out of the City and meet the Reverend in Darklight Wood. If you have teleporter access, the teleporter to Indigo Hollow is the fastest way out.

Once you are in Darklight Wood, find the Reverend just outside the city, on your left. Speak to him and he will complete your betrayal journey and send you to exile in Haven.

Your Neriak faction will be set to -50,000. You can now begin the process of joining a new city.

Rescue the Reverend Neriak Betrayal and Citizenship
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Neriak to Exile
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