Fulgation's Folly  

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Fulgation's Blueprints
Min Coin: 1g, 26s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 40s, 97c

You need to find out what really happened to Remmy. Head up the path at -760, 135, 564 . You will find Remmy at -544, 149, 625 . He runs away when you find him after making some sinister sounding comments. It looks like he is up to something, you need to find out what.

There is a document on the ground next to where you found Remmy. Inspect it to find out that Remmy was trying to turn off the "friend recognition" module in the MU-FieldBot III. If successful, the MU-FieldBot III will attack anything that comes near it, including Gnomeland Security forces.

Return to Watchman Plarg to let him know what is going on and for your reward.

Fulgation's Tracks Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Watchman Fleep
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