Deathfist Cryptology 101  

This is quest is given by Lute after you complete Marching Madness.

  1. Visit the following locations:
    • find the Unkempt Stone of the earthen spire at loc -61,-3,-394, near Titan's Tower
    • find the Unkempt Stone of the eastern thicket -422, -36, -395 , near the Scorched Trunklords
    • find the Unkempt Stone of the deadend gorge -314,-28,-133 , near the Waste Grawlers
    • find the Unkempt Stone of the nestled lake 380, -20, -320 , at Three Toes Watering Hole
  2. You must then plant the completed information on the desk of an orc officer. This desk is located in one of the Deathfist Toiler tents east of the bridge, at -216, -26, -615 .
  3. From here you must return to each of the unkempt stones (locations above) and defeat three level 38-39 orcs which will spawn at each spot.

After having done this return to Lute for your choice of rewards. This opens up the series of quests from Orca in Zek, starting with Starving for Information.

Marching Madness Zek, the Orcish Wastes
Quest Series
Starving For Information
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