Harun Clearsky of the Hooluk High Guard  

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CategoryBarren Sky
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Hardened Pipe Reed
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This quest is given by Ahnjun Sprywing after completing the quest Chirok Starwhisper.

Step 1. Obtain a reed from Strifewind Pond on the Strifewind Isle. Go west from the cloud pad and keep close to the right hand cliff face and you will come to the pond. The reed is found in the water near the edge and you need to target the base of it to highlight it to harvest, or you can use the Tab key to target it when you get close and use the Gather command.

Step 2. Take the cloud to Whisperwind Isle and head to the Norrath teleporter. Find the listening staff (non targetable) ( -557, -46, -396 ) . Use the hardened pipe reed gained from previous step and wait a few moments for Harun Clearsky to turn up.

Hail him to finish the quest and start the next in the series, To Discord Isle.

Chirok Starwhisper The Barren Sky
Quest Series
The Windgazer Hooluks
To Discord Isle
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