A Strange Black Rock  

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Min Coin: 69s, 67c
Max Coin: 77s, 97c
Glowing Black Stone

This is the quest for the Glowing Black Stone. It is initiated by Scholar Al'Quylar, behind the Oracle Tower in Antonica at -1039, 14, -665 . You must be level 25+ to receive this quest. If he isn't up then you may need to wait for up to 3 hours for him to respawn.

The first order of business is to harvests a bit of power from power sources in Nektulos Forest and the Thundering Steppes. They are both underwater, and the Thundering Steppes one will require you to have some form of water breathing in order to make it up without dying. They are located at:

  • Thundering Steppes: Beneath a ship deep in the northwestern ocean at 1681, -88, 308
  • Nektulos Forest: Reported both in the pool underneath Timber Falls 457.7, 14.5, -1505.3 in the pool underneath Soul Eater Falls 57, 14, -1505

After harvesting both you should return to Scholar Al'Quylar. You'll receive some coin and experience and the next step of the quest.

The next step is to recover the Brown Research Tome on Binding at 18.79, 4.00, 69.68 and the Black Research Tome on Immortality at 237.49, -7.97, 54.17 in the Ruins of Varsoon. Be forewarned that the Book of Life and Death spawn in these rooms.

You then must obtain a Palladium Torque or Palladium Bangle. These items drop in various zones (Stormhold and Edgewater Drains confirmed), can be player crafted, and can also be bought from brokers quite often. When you turn it in you will receive approximately 1gold 50 silver as a reward.

Al'Quylar will then ask you to head back to the Ruins of Varsoon to kill the Tome of Life and the Tome of Death. These spawn in the two rooms where you got the research tomes earlier.

After destroying them return to Scholar Al'Quylar who will send you to kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality. This should not need an access quest anymore, however the quest for it is called Where Will This Lead Me.

Varsoon himself spawns as part of a ring event in that zone. When you hail him he will spawn three aggro mobs to attack you. Kill them and hail him again to receive the next wave. Rinse and repeat. The fourth wave will be the Etheral Fiend, and the fifth will be Varsoon.

After killing Varsoon return to Scholar Al'Quylar who will then attack you. He is a level 35 ^^^ heroic mob with a knockback attack. Kill him for your reward.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

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