A Light for the Shadow  

February 22, 2011

Cara Omica gains strength from the darkness. I must find torches to bring light to Cara Omica's darkened room so that I might weaken her enough to defeat her.

When you enter the floor, you will need to walk over the Pedestal at -43.2, 293.15, -4.67 this will pop up the Accept Quest window.

  1. Find 4 torches within Darkness Rising to weaken Cara.
  2. The torches are on the lower level that can be reached by jumping through a hole in the floor located at 50.85, 289.08, -8.57
    • 14.41, 272.00, -23.19
    • 7.61, 268.22, 73.15
    • -31.23, 272.00, 55.69
    • 43.94, 266.85, -54.58
  3. Place the four torches on their respective pedestals.
    • -22.00, 292.00, -46.00
    • 65.00, 289.00, -5.00
    • -23.00, 292.00, 39.00
    • -43.00, 293.00, -5.00
  4. Click the door of her caged room to open it.
  5. Defeat Cara Omica and obtain her Mirror shard.
    • Position your group in front of her.
    • When you are ready have your tank run up to her quickly and then run away she will become activate
    • Kill the four specters that spawn, while you are killing the specters she will summon a single player occasionally to her. If you are summoned just run back to the group quickly.
    • Once the specters are dead, your tank should run up to her and have her face away from the group then tank and spank.

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