A Night at the Theatre  

(Note: The Fall of Erudin: Part 1 is given when you accept the quest, and you get to keep it)

  1. Go to the temporal guide nearby at 500.90, 228.29,57.30 .
  2. Hail him and head to the Deepwater Pavilion. Once inside, hail Sulayman then go watch the play (at the end of the walkway, hop right up on the stage) -159.92, 174.81,-699.49 .
  3. When it's over, head back to the temporal guide at -287.32, 193.28, -329.41 and go back to the Mausoleum of Scholars.
  4. Once there, hail Hannad Jaleel to complete the quest.

NOTE: The story will take some time to tell, and expands upon a great bit of Erudin and Odus -related lore. Allow 15 minutes for the automated quest dialogue to finish. For those who enjoy lore, this is very interesting!

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Mausoleum of Scholars
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OOC The name of this quest may be a reference to a 1985 album, by Queen, entitled A Night at the Opera. This was the album that contained the song Bohemian Rhapsody. The name was also used for a 1935 Marx Brothers comedy.

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