Preparing a Ritual  

CategoryDarklight Wood
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Related Items:
fire tear
Min Coin: 92c
Max Coin: 1s, 2c
Choice Of:
Elder's Boots
Channeler's Slippers
Knight's Boots
Earthkeeper's Boots
Shade's Boots
Archon's Boots
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When you speak to Belarshalee Do'Torlyl during the Digging Deeper quest at Wanderlust Fair, she will offer you this quest.

Collect five Fire Tear gems from Sableflame Crater. These come from firey ore, which is part of the landscape and become harvestable when you have the quest.

Return to Belarshalee for your reward and another task.

Digging Deeper Darklight Wood
Quest Series
Wanderlust Fair
The Summoning Catalyst
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