The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny  


If you want to end with maximum ally faction for all three courts be sure you raise all three to at least -30,000. Collect up coins before doing last medallion to use to turn in when you're ready to start this one.

Speak to Ahkarem of the Desert at 1424, -99, -534 in The Pillars of Flame with the three pieces of a broken medallion in your inventory to begin this quest.

I spoke to an old desert nomad who seemed very immersed in the concept of fate. He also claimed to know something of my broken Caliph medallion. Maybe if I complete the little favor he asked me to do he'll tell me more about the medallion.

  1. Find the old nomad's father's journal. He says it could be still in the city... but where?
    • Search The Library of Light for a book entitled Words of the Father. It's laying on a bookcase on the bottom level (farthest from the stairs, on the left as you leave the stairs). When you pick it up, library staff will be alerted to your presence and you'll be attacked by multiple assailants, so be prepared to make a run for it or fight your way out.
  2. Give the journal to Ahkarem in the Pillars of Flame.
  3. Put the nomad's three brothers' spirits to rest.
    • Speak to The Ghost of Dukar at 1362, -107, -420 in The Pillars of Flame. He's angry that he wasn't given a chance to die with honor, blade in hand. Offer to fight him and defeat him to bring him peace in an honorable defeat.
    • Speak to The Ghost of Ishti at 939, -111, -390 in The Pillars of Flame. He needs to get to the monk camp of T'Narev to find peace. You'll have to escort him there. He walks slowly, does not avoid aggressive beings, and will stop moving if you stray too far from him. This is a very long walk, and harrowing if you're of a level where the denizens of the zone are not grey to you. Even if nothing poses a danger to you, be prepared for a twenty minute trek.
    • Speak to The Ghost of Omren at 278, -101, -713 in The Pillars of Flame. The first time you speak to him, he'll lament what Kalila did to him. After he mentions her name, you'll have to return to the Peacock Club Tavern and speak to her about him (which is why you must complete Delving Into Darkness in the Peacock club quest line, because she won't be found in the club until you do). She'll confess her crime and give you her veil as a token to ask his forgiveness. Return to him with that message and he'll find his peace.
  4. Return to Ahkarem in the Pillars of Flame.
  5. Return to Maj'Dul and get the Bronze Scepter of Authority.
    • Inside Tower of the Moon: Bronze Scepter there is a scepter on a table in the upper level. When you attempt to pick it up you will be confronted by Mudeef and must leave instead.
  6. Return to Ahkarem in the Pillars of Flame and relay Mudeef's words.
  7. Speak to Qadira and ask her about Mudeef's protections.
  8. Get an essence prison by slaying Aysor the Mighty.
  9. Collect a fraction of each of the elder genies' essences with the prison bottle. Be ready for a fight, because they won't give up anything easily. All four will become aggressive 63^^^ mobs when hailed.
    • Collect a fraction of If'freet's essence in the prison bottle.
      • Found in The Pillars of Flame at 1211, -57, -567
    • Collect a fraction of Maridia's essence in the prison bottle.
      • Found in the Golden Scepter in Maj'Dul at 95, 148, -149
    • Collect a fraction of Jinnae's essence in the prison bottle.
      • Found in The Sinking Sands at -959, -44, -833
    • Collect a fraction of Daoa's essence in the prison bottle.
      • Found in The Clefts of Rujark at -174, -17, -224
  10. Return to the Tower of the Moon and speak to Steward of the Vizier.
  11. Defeat Mudeef (65^^^) in The Library of Light: Showdown With the Vizier to recover the Bronze Scepter of Authority.
  12. Return to Ahkarem in the Pillars of Flame to give him the scepter.
  13. Enter The Court of Tears: The Dark One and defeat Dorn B'Dynn (64^^^). He will despawn and run away at 20%, but if you kill him too fast you will miss the update that sends you to the Hidden Cache. If that happens, exit the Court and reenter it, and the fight will reset.
  14. Find Dorn's hiding place outside the city.
  15. Defeat Master Thief Adham to obtain his key.
  16. Find a chest inside The Hidden Cache that the key goes to. Speak to, then defeat an investigating Sha'ir, who spawned when the chest was interacted with.
  17. Examine Dorn's Recovered Correspondence to read it.
  18. Head to The Clefts of Rujark to slay some orc leaders.
    • Kill Warlord Tcholak ( 14.5, 17.5, -122.5 )
    • Kill Overlord Korkakth ( 86.70, 52.74, -71.84 )
    • Kill Far Seer Vokkal ( -17, 49, 111 )
  19. Return to Maj'Dul to warn to city of the invasion.
    • Head to the Obelisk of Laws, which is directly behind the Arena, to shout a warning. The quest update point is on the north side of the obelisk.
    • You'll discover you are too late as the invasion of the city begins.
  20. Speak to the three Courts to convince them to form an alliance for the good of the city.
  21. Find a way to enter Dorn's Sanctuary in The Clefts of Rujark.
  22. Defeat Dorn B'Dynn (65^^^) inside Clefts of Rujark: Dorn's Sanctuary
  23. Check in with Neriph, Caliph of the Coin in The Court of the Coin. This is your last opportunity to make any changes needed to your court factions before the final showdown and the faction boost at the end of the quest.
  24. Confront Mudeef before he can take control of the city
  25. Defeat Mudeef, Vizier of the Tower of the Moon (65^^^) inside the Library of Light. This is a timed ring event. You'll have thirty minutes to complete it. After talking to you, Mudeef will vanish and the bottom floor of the library will fill with a spellbound tome or twenty. Kill the waves of books and Mudeef will attack you. Killing him isn't the end, though (remember he's immortal? He'll remind you). Next he'll summon a summoned Sha'ir (well, 8 of them) on the mezzanine level. Kill them and again, find and kill Mudeef. Lastly, he'll call on an enslaved djinn. Six of them will need to be defeated, and then you can tackle Mudeef for the third time. Do all of this before the timer runs out, and he'll notice he's being delayed and will wish you to die. That wish will not happen because Ahkarem will arrive, and Mudeef will be dismissed once and for all.
  26. Speak with Ahkarem the Elder to complete the quest.

Through my efforts I have returned Ahkarem to Maj'Dul and defeated the greatest threats of the city. I was given the Ring of Fate and the title "Hero of Maj'Dul" as my reward.


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