Overdue Letters  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 7g, 55s, 33c
Max Coin: 8g, 60s, 36c

Game Update #54
Will of a Tyrant
December 9, 2009

  1. Whatever happened with that book is apparently very important. Royal Librarian Brinn asks you to go to the palace for him, so head that way. Remember to dodge guards if you're a Freeportian!
  2. Outside the palace, you will find Murrar Shar ( 475.98,3.50,-19.95 ). Hail him for your update. He sends you back to Royal Librarian Brinn. (Note: There are two epic guards behind Murarr a ways, so evil side characters doing this quest should be careful when approaching)
  3. Like Murrar Shar, he wants you to go and talk with Princess Saphronia in Kelethin to deliver a book, "Shadows in the Leaves". She can be found at 387.61, 145.15, 165.54. Note: There is a level 70, single-up solo guard outside where you need to go, whom is aggro to evil characters. Also, there is a roughly mid 80's epic guard wandering around the same platform. Caution is strongly advised!
  4. Apparently the letter was not a good thing, so head back to Royal Librarian Brinn in Qeynos Harbor.
  5. Guess what? He isn't where you left him. Go to 793.11, -23.36, 51.60 to find him face-down and complete the quest.


31g, 73s, 78c  (at level 80)

A Lost Library Book Attack on the Crowns
Quest Series
Deadly Words
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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that are involved in the Attack on the Crowns World Event. This event will go live on December 8 with GU54 and run until GU55.

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