Gnoll Report  

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Min Coin: 4s, 32c
Max Coin: 4s, 47c

This quest is given by Captain Eitoa after you complete the Keep of the Ardent Needle quest (see related quests).

She asks you to visit Captain Beltho at Gnollslayer Keep, and retrieve his report. Captain Beltho will give you his report after you view the hidden entrance to the gnoll lair -1203.64, -2.92, 913.89 . This hidden entrance is located around the coast side of Blackburrow. There is an island and a fallen log bridge with many gnolls there. You must run through them until it dead ends at the hidden entrance. You do not actually have to find the back door, however, as you get the update when you reach the end of the corridor leading into the vale the back door is in.

Return to Captain Beltho after scouting this for his report. Return to Captain Eitoa by North Qeynos gate for your reward.

Watch or download the walk-through video by Kidknie Rippender.

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