Building a Better Defense  

Speak to Clicker at -1450,-521,-2379 within Fina's Retreat in the Great Divide.

  1. Set up three barricades at the Abandoned Snowfang Camp, north of Clicker. Around -1431,-541,-2483 there are 3 green sparkle spots; click them to place barricades.
  2. After placing all three you'll get a message stating that you hear a commotion in the camp. Go into the gnoll camp around the bend (invis or sneak works). At -1441,-525,-2576 you'll find some gnolls taking part in a horrific ritual.
    • The gnolls for this update despawn after a minute or so; if they have despawned before you get your update you'll need to delete and restart the quest.
  3. Return to Clicker

Trouble on the Horizon Great Divide
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Fina's Retreat
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