Sabertooth Battle Plans  

Related Zones:
Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c
Choice Of:
Bracer of the Concordium's Reason
Bracer of the Watch's Faith
Bracer of the Alliance's Adroitness
Bracer of the Guard's Strength

The quest is given by Sir Jeager in Antonica at -807, -14, 888 after you complete the Getting the Axe quest (from NPC next to him). He asks you to find him the Sabertooth Battle Plans.

These plans are dropped by Captain Ghurox in Blackburrow. He spawns in the room with the oracles/tacticians at (-68.89, -16.31, 77.53) on level 2. His placeholder is a Sabertooth tactician (16^^^).

After obtaining them return to Sir Jeager for your reward.

Getting the Axe Antonica
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