Finding the Tribute Taker  

CategoryTimorous Deep
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a baby stonechest gorilla
well-groomed panther carcass
Min Coin: 5s, 67c
Max Coin: 5s, 97c

  1. Find someone to give this to as tribute.
    • King Grugla is at 1872, 96, -152 .
  2. Climb up the broken aquaduct and cross a rope to get to him. To reach Grugla from the Mok Rent griffon tower ( 1833,61,-322 ) ,
    1. Turn your back to the tower and go to the ramp upwards at ( 1770,56,-381 ) .
    2. Climb the ramp and the two wooden bridges that connect ramps to the Upper Entrance where Ancho Mok'Nok and Secondary Tykenil Riz'Dn are at ( 1862,112,-371 )
    3. Turn to the right (west) and go through the pathway through the wall. To avoid the aggro a jungle khvara at the other end of the pathway, keep to the left of the pathway and turn left immediately at the other end of the pathway ( 1896,114,-368 ) .
    4. Follow the river to the left (south) from the entrance, to an aqueduct at ( 1871,114,-301 ) .
    5. Follow the aqueduct to its edge at ( 1869,113,-224 ) , looking down towards the edge.
    6. At the edge, below you, is a rope. Walk (drop) to the rope and follow it to a broken piece of a bridge at ( 1867,114,-192 ) .
    7. Walk this platform to its edge, dropping down again to the platform below it at ( 1873,96,-141 ) . This is where Grugla is. From here, you can take another rope to get down safely. (Alternatively, you can try jumping down to the water).
    • Drop the panther at his feet and he will offer you a baby stonechest gorilla.
  3. Take it back to Vaerha.
    • She will take the baby and ask you to give her more time before offering the next quest.

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