Like a Ring in a Haystack  

This quest can no longer be started in game.
CategoryThe City of Freeport

This quest is given by Lavic N'Gam after you complete The Farmer's Ring quest (see related quests). You must kill a number of monsters in Commonlands to see if that type of mob took the ring. They are:

  • Beetles
  • Lizards
  • Lion Cubs
  • 6 Carrion Hounds

You will have to keep killing each type until you get the update.

You must then visit Zarvonn's Tower in the Commonlands. You just have to walk outside of it. It is located at +896, -45, +518.

After returning to Lavic N'Gam to close the quest you will be given the "A Change in Plans" quest.

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A Change in Plans
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