Court of the Blades: Dukaris, Hero of the People  

This quest is given by Dukaris in the Court of the Blades.

  1. Killing rival faction's tower captains
    • Just go to the coin and truth towers and clear to the top to kill the captains on the top floors.
    • Return back to Dukaris for Step 2.
  2. Delivering gifts in the name of Dukaris
    • Steward of the Vizier - Located inside of The Tower of the Moon zone, second floor.
    • Ahzeem the Bartermaster - Located within the Golden Scepter (Western Side of zone), go straight once inside of the building, he will be on the left just on the other side of the fountain located in the middle of the first floor.
    • a young beggar (actual name is Fezi) - Located east of Court of Truth (Eastern side of zone), on the level farthest from the Arena of Maj'Dul, northern area of the lowest tier. ( -225, 135, -15 )
    • Return back to Dukaris for Step 3.
  3. Deliver orders to the captains (WARNING: 60 Minute Timer).
    • Captain Aziz - Located right outside Court of the Blades zone in. ( -54, 150, 140 )
    • Captain Fayiz - Located by the zone in outside the Library of Light. ( -230, 160, -150 )
    • Captain Yuleed - Located on the north side of the arena building. ( -31, 178, -90 )
    • Return back to Dukaris for Step 4.
  4. Materials for Dukaris' cape
    • Collect 25 "tough, pristine lizardman scales." (Kill Lizardmen by the Twin Tears).
    • Collect a "pristine Nacre Earring" to use as a brooch. (Jeweler made T6 earring).
    • Return back to Dukaris for Step 5.
  5. Scouting the Sinking Sands
    • Anaz Mal Camp - Northern side of the smaller pond in SS, trigger at -420, -140, -1270
    • Raef Ew - Southwestern side of the larger pond in SS, trigger at -420, -120, -670
    • Rujarkian Battlemaster - outside the mouth of the canyon to Clefts zone in, trigger at -630, -110, -190
    • Return back to Dukaris for Step 6.
  6. Protect Dukaris from the Rujarkian Battlemaster
    • Head out to SS again to the last location you found for the Rujarkian Battlemaster in Step 5.
    • Dukaris will spawn by where the trigger is, hail him and begin the fight and make sure to keep agro off of him (he tanks poorly).

Reward(s): +5000 Status with Blade faction 15 or so gold And your choice of shoulder slot item.

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